What Is Owner Financing?

Owner financing offers a unique opportunity for buyers to purchase a property by making incremental payments directly to the owner over time. In this arrangement, the owner acts as the lender, providing the property in exchange for regular payments until the full purchase price is paid off. Unlike traditional bank financing, owner financing offers a simplified process without the usual red tape. It’s like an auto lease, but without any burdensome balloon payment at the end. This option opens doors for anyone aspiring to own land the opportunity to do so!

Retail Buyers: like owner financing because it allows them to acquire, and own land without large amounts of money upfront. Giving them the ability to utilize the property at less cost.

Investors/Builders/Developers: like owner financing because it allows them to leverage their capital in order to invest in more property without using up cash reserves.


Buying land from us has never been easier with our unique Owner Finance Program. No need to worry about inflated prices and huge down payments. Our program is designed to make land ownership accessible to anyone, regardless of their credit history. We don’t run credit checks or delve into your personal background. It’s as simple as choosing a payment plan, making a requested down payment (which can sometimes be reduced), signing the necessary paperwork, and the property is yours! We believe in helping you own your piece of the world without any hindrances. Our program also offers deferred payments, if applicable, and the flexibility to transfer payments to another property. We are committed to providing assistance, convenience, and affordability!.

How do you qualify you ask? To qualify for our real estate investment opportunities, simply meet the requested down payment (which may be reduced in some cases) and make your monthly payments on time. Listen, we understand that life can be unpredictable, so if you are unable to make a payment, no worries! We can defer a payment to help you along, or you can Just return the property to us. You will no longer be obligated to make any further payments.

At JLASALLE INVESTMENTS we believe in keeping things simple when it comes to purchasing land. Our goal is to make the process SUPER SIMPLE for you! Instead of spending hours searching the MLS or county records for the perfect land investment opportunity, why not reach out to us? Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll take care of the rest. We are here to assist you every step of the way. CONTACT US TODAY!


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